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Hausa is spoken as a first language by as many as 50 million Africans. Hausa is also a lingua franca in many West African countries. Hausa are concentrated primarily in Northern Nigeria (perhaps 40 million) and Niger. There are also well-established populations in Ghana and Cameroon.

Throughout the areas where Hausa is spoken, it is remarkably uniform in pronunciation, vocabulary, and structure. Indeed, the varieties of Hausa are at least as mutually comprehensible as the varieties of English. Based on examples of linguistic variation and uniformity available from other parts of Africa and the world.

Hausa is one of the most extensively researched of all sub-Saharan languages, and has
a long tradition of song and poetry within a cosmopolitan Islamic culture that arose
largely from the position of the old Hausa states astride the trans-Saharan and savanna
trade routes. As a lingua franca in areas of West Africa, the language has grown and
adapted to different social environments. Broadcasting in Hausa from the BBC
World Service, Voice of America, Deutsche Welle, Radio Moscow and Radio Peking,
hausa language is constantly adapting to meet the communicative needs of modern
current affairs, science and business

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Mohammed Hashim Gumel ya tsara ya gina wannan shafi. Kofar mu a bude take bisa duk wasu shawarwari da kuma ra'ayoyinku, kan wannan fili, da kuma irin abinda kuke so mu rika wallafawa."Gyara kayanka bai zama sauke muraba ba." Ana iya aiko mana da wasika ta layi kamar haka 1998 Wannan fili an kareshi da dokar wallafawa, a nemi izzini kafin amfani da kayan mu.